• endobj [ Wilmore Net Profit License Fee Return PDF Download Wilmore Net Profit License Fee Return INSTRUCTIONS PDF Download Showing 1 to 1 of 1 entries Previous Next Per Order 21-40, The City of Richmond will extend the filing deadline and due date for payments for the Occupational License Fees on Net Profits from April 15, 2021, until May 17, 2021. Enter here . Nature of business Date business started in Fayette County tion was discontinued, state when SECTION 1: CALC U L AT I O N OF LICENSE TAX LI ABILITY 1.Adjusted Net Profit from applicable worksheet see reverse 2. +ED$&$0f_$42DQm?1cRGK&0JFViB+52*0et@:2).*I+>c#03B8rV0f^@90ePCB0etLA+>G`+0JG1@2)? Author . However, please don't include any personal or financial information. B-:o0+Dtb#ATMp$Ed92Y@3B&uE-WREAfuA;F`JU:ARo@m@;I&tG][M7F(oQ1+Dl7BFASuR'Df0V=@;p1+Dg#]&/0JA;C`mP. For mortgages add $3.00 per each additional page over 30 pages. /CreationDate (D:20141112) Amended Employer's Quarterly Return of License Fee Withheld (PDF), Employer's Quarterly Return of License Fee Withheld (PDF), Penalties for Not Having a Business License (PDF), Reconciliation of Richmond License Fee Withheld (PDF), Request To Close City of Richmond Business License Account (PDF). [ /PDF /Text ] 2)-^=1c[?M3$;12+:SZ00ek:?0K([C0d&/&0Ha>*+=JNb+B3(u0f_0Q+>bl4/i5RJ1H@04C^g_00JY792). Forms. FORM - Initial Reporting 2021. 0000024066 00000 n She is a nurturing mother, career oriented professional and a passionate soul that is thankful for her existence. 28543 Sikkim Notification Today, NET PROFIT FORM BLANK.PDF . About Cumberland County; Elected Officials . ))5/i#7D2`!64C^g_Q%16t^$:7]$$8=(d0JFV'/het5 3B8]K3B8uR2'=\00ePIH2`NZL+D_Jo0f_6H1c[QS1Gp:13ArKH3B/fL3$Pr8/ibpP2`!64C^g_+3B8]K3B8uR +>kl0/i#7D2DI*4C^g_+3A*-K3AiTP+>kl0/i#7D2DI*4C^g_+3A*-K3AiTP+>l&3/iPXA0ekF+C^g_Q We are responsible for the collection of the Occupational License Tax within Chapter 110 of the Campbell County Code of Ordinances. /CapHeight 1000 6cJ#C,e vqE,#=V%.JZ[(c4 Occupational License Occupational License Tammie T. Branstetter, Administrator 2nd Floor, Courthouse PO Box 247 Munfordville, KY 42765 (270) 524-3507 - Office (270) 524-9732 - Fax Email Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm UPDATES/NEWS/REMINDERS Resources Ordinance Questionnaire & Letter Quarterly License Return Yearly License Fee Return 333 584 556 333 556 611 556 611 556 333 611 611 278 278 556 278 889 611 611 611 611 Enter Percentage from Line 20 23. 168 South Main Street Russellville, KY 42276 City Hall - 270-726-5000 Occupational Tax - 270-726-5002 Accounts Payable - 270-726-5004 Water Billing Department - 270-726-5006 City Clerk Office - 270-726-5007 Building & Zoning - 270-726-5022 Utility Director - 270-726-5042 Property Tax Office - 270-726-5057 Code Enforcement - 270-726-5059 3B9&X0K1+j%14gL/iPXB0f^s20f1U;3B9&X0K1+j%14gL/iPXB0f^s21,1L91c[NN2E;mr%16/G$>p:[ Business License Application. +>Yi2/ibpO3&*64C^g_,0eb4=2)$gD+>Yc5/i5RK1,q!2C^g_-0J5:A0JYLA+>Yc5/i5RK1,q!2C^g_- City of Ashland, Kentucky Budget FY15.pdf. >> /Subtype /TrueType +?)&.3B9#W1,U1j%14pL/het50JYI-2_m!G3B&lP2'? Net Profits - 1% Fee with Minimum and Maximum as below. The McCracken County Tax Administrator collects local county Payroll (Occupational) and Net Profit License Fee taxes as directed by Fiscal Court and Ordinance 2007-16. Announcements- Calendar. Make check or money order payable to the City of Stanford, 403 East Main Street, Stanford, KY 40484. /Flags 32 38 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<3CBB378A6AECF821538CE0FB2E305FA2><5282C87BB94FE44CB0F13C7F415D9285>]/Index[26 22]/Info 25 0 R/Length 69/Prev 27434/Root 27 0 R/Size 48/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream At the end of the client's tax year, business/persons are required to file a Net Profits License Fee Return reporting their net profits subject to the occupational fees. 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 0 600 600 600 600 600 /Contents 6 0 R >> endobj The license fee shall be measured bytwenty-five one-thousandths percent (0.025%) of the gross receipts of all businesses and professions from activities conducted within the city. The current tax rate is .45%. 1,pC31bp[?3B/cR3?W,I$8XFn/i#:=3&3H91,V!C3B9#X1,9tg%16/G$>p:[63?V:5%14gD endobj how to calculate band gap energy from wavelength, Pathfinder: Wrath Of The Righteous Animal Companion Armor, best temperature to cook pizza in wood fired oven, transport allowance calculation for central government employees. At the end of each calendar (or fiscal) year, businesses or enterprises are required to file an appropriate form reporting net profits subject to the occupational license fee tax. /CapHeight 1000 Commonwealth of Kentucky Montgomery County. One-fourth of Line 4 to be paid on or before: Apr. P.O. Only property tax and parking tickets may be paid online. ;D61c[NN0ejee%14pL . FD)e0Ec6#?+DG_'Df'&.@;]U/DfQtE@:s.m/0K"BCgh?uATJu&DIal.FD,6+.3MT)+B0g5-t@14E+Np. Df$V=BOrH4D.RU,+Eq78+DkOtAM,DSgg78s^' MARION COUNTY, KENTUCKY 223 N. SPALDING AVE., ROOM 201, LEBANON, KY 40033 . /Annots 10 0 R /Subtype /TrueType 1,U@#De:,6BOr>E%0JFViB+52: << /Type /Encoding <> 2020 Form NP100 Net Profit License Tax Returns And Instructions 2020 Highlights and Announcements Please be advised that IRS extensions are not acceptable unless you file a copy with this office, along with any estimated tax due, on or before the original due date of the return. +E_R@@;06p@:jUmEZfI;AU,^IG/bE+O&4D/X<6BHV56+CQC)Ea`I"Bl@l3De:,#+Dl%7FD*9U+B3(u>E%0JFV'/het5+ED*($:Ro'$;h6>E=E703A*-K3AiTP+>kl4/i5RJ1c$s2D%-h10K:[?2)$^E Printable Forms QUESTIONNAIRE.pdf Marion County Tax Forms. 1 0 obj This will help speed up the process for all. FIN-03 (Rowan County Annual Reconciliation of License Fee Withheld) Dylan Lambert January 21, 2020. :QDAdo)%0Ha=g%14mF/iPXA1,Uj11G^m@ As a Child Protective Worker, his emotions and mental devotion presented a clear path for his career. << /Type /Encoding 3$;14%15**+=L2bG]1/i5RK0fM'7D%-h/3%us=0JY@>3?U%52(g^G3AEHP 2020 whitley county, kentucky net profit license fee return wcocc tax # fed id# or ss# year ended make check payable to: whitley county occupational tax mail to: whitley county occupational tax office p.o. 3ANK8D%-h/1,1C=0JGF.0ekL;2`*KS1,^7k%14pI0eP=;0K1+/0JG+<1cRKN0d(9A$8aIk/i#7D3B/l= /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] % +;'E,ol/BlksM+@1*k@:Nsn@3B&u Employers Reconciliation.pdf TAX ADMIN. Amendment to Occupational License Fee. NET PROFIT LICENSE FEE RETURN. +D_Jo1cR0A0JG7:1cZ[51GCF?1cIET1*CBB$8aLq/i#:<3AWW;0f(L92`*HR3AM^n%14pI2(gXA0KCpK NET PROFIT LICENSE FEE RETURN City Hall 487 Main Street Russell Springs, KY 42642. 2 0 obj 2022 BUSINESS LICENSE FEE. $8X@p/i5RK2E=:2`WW93&WBL1c@3J3$GW./i5RJ1c799D%-h.3AN3I $?6L^1GCF?2)$dC1E\J/2D. filing with the IRS or the Kentucky Revenue Cabinet shall be required to file a Net Profit License Fee Return with the Logan County Occupational Tax Director. The fee structure for this Business License Fee is based on the number of employees the business has. Balance (Line 2 less Line 3) $_____ 5. 5 0 obj Net Profit Instructions for Return. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 2E3B9#Q+>GQ,/ibaH2)R?9C^g_M%15rA$?6L^0J5:A+En8%1*B0u 14 0 obj !KpT/.$x:svNN}fy! i`fIe,+:LO](\s9H;t(\\\.>v;QmKE sWP)=Tox 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. As of April 1, 2006 an EPSC Certified Contractor will be required when filing for permits that involve ANY land clearing activities; including but not limited to: building, grading, pool, demolition, and paving permits. endstream endobj startxref Less CreditsMINIMUM 12. @4%DCcoSBln$&DBO%7AKYf'D/"*5+E(j79Q+QPDBM;bF`);H/g*N"D/a@UW9[DIjqH1gDIP+AQisANCr"DL!ZRT(+CQC&BlnVCCh[a#FGq:(PF!,R5G[Y&tAKYT'EZfI;BlbD,Dfor>Gp%3; This website contains information pertaining to sanitation, water, and sewer services for all Russell residents. /StemV 84 State and local license taxes or fees based on income . 2. KY 40555-5570 DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL Account Number . Create a Website Account - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. This Department is responsible for maintaining general accounting records for the City, billing, and collecting Property Taxes, and Fees, and Permits. Quick Links. Rowan County Kentucky. MARION COUNTY, KENTUCKY 223 N. SPALDING AVE., ROOM 201, LEBANON, KY 40033 . Garrard County Tax Rate is currently 2% of profit. 778 722 278 500 667 556 833 722 778 667 778 722 667 611 722 667 944 667 667 611 278 10 . Ch5. Call the City Manager's office at (859) 292-2133 with questions, or see Chapter 114 . << /Type /FontDescriptor %PDF-1.7 Contact the County | Contact the Webmaster | Jessamine County Kentucky | Contact the Webmaster | Jessamine County Kentucky 9. endobj 0K1+72D-pF3&r]O+D_Jo1bpd<2)$^C+?2,/2`*KS0ejee%14pH0J5+;3B9&V+?2,/2`*KS0ejee%14pH A copy of the federal return for your business must accompany your county Net Profit Return. FIN-05 (Estimate Tax Declaration . ] Updated Business License Application.pdf. Occupational Tax Forms. City of Bowling Green Net Profit License Fee Returns with a due date of April 15, 2021 will be extended to May 17,2021 to follow the extended due date for individuals by the Internal Revenue Service. Her experiences in the financial sector inspired and fueled her desire to launch out as an Entrepreneur in 1990 as Managing Director of Nanshet Christian Gifts and Nanshet Limited which was a wholesaler and distributor of electronics, household and gift items for businesses.Aside from her financial successes, Priscilla Bedell set aside time to get involved in multiple community events and faith-based initiatives including African Missions, School of Disciples, (sponsored by the Redeemed Christian Church of God World-wide), Faith International Training School (sponsored by Faith Fellowship World Outreach Center) and the International Pastors Conference, which is hosted by Bishop T.D. /Parent 4 0 R +1aZ`$=.~|58a*T}">bO:EOo_a_2wG2*9=9'LNWEyB'RdM *A9Fr3 FIN-01 (Rowan County Occupational License Application) FIN-02 (Employer's Quarterly Return of License Fee Withheld) FIN-03 (Rowan County Annual Reconciliation of License Fee Withheld) FIN-04 (Net Profits License Fee Return) FIN-05 (Estimate Tax Declaration Voucher) FIN-06 (Annual Individual License Fee Return) The map below shows which streets are covered on which day. @ru9m+DG^9DfQt2ATDL.ARloqEc5e; +B2#D$8XFn/i#:=3&3H91,LsC3B9#X1,9tOA0<9V0H_K;:K0VR+@JXdPi8/ibaJ2)@06 Net Profit License Fee Return: 2451 KB Occupational Tax Questionnaire: 1964 KB Reconsiliation of License: 20 KB Alcoholic ordinance: 1067 KB Occupational License Fee Ordinance 2010-11-01: 4568 KB Poultry Amended Ordinance 199899-04: 555 KB Occupational License Fee Tax Ordinance (Sunset Clause) 105 KB New 2019 Occ Tax Form (5) You must file the Net Profit Extension Form or a copy of your federal extension application with the Boone County Fiscal Court to request an automatic Transient Room Form.pdf. /Producer (TExtraDevices) Ultimately, she guides her familys success with Gods warm embrace. Amendment to Occupational License Fee. endstream endobj 27 0 obj <> endobj 28 0 obj <> endobj 29 0 obj <>stream April Brooks, Tax Administrator - Hopkins County Government Center. +>Yo2/i>=:1,Ld0C^g_,3&*$@2)%!J0d&811+kF<0JYI@+D_Jo1,q!@1,UaF2DH=12`WKI3B8lL2'? P.O. 722 278 556 722 611 833 722 778 667 778 722 667 611 722 667 944 667 667 611 333 278 CEO of Glonetex Technologies and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience designing and implementing complex IT solutions that generate savings, maximize efficiency, and grow business for organizations on a global scale. /Widths [ Cumberland County Menu. << /Type /FontDescriptor endobj J@IA89 \AM-0|_d)OU$!H\o8InK~EBXSw"1 egg roll casserole with coleslaw mix Every person or business entity engaged in any for profit business activity in the City shall be required to file and pay to the City an occupational license tax of 2% of the net profits from that portion of business conducted in the City, with a $25 minimum fee , beginning in tax year 2014. Business License Information and Forms. City of Russellville168 South Main StreetRussellville, KY 42276, City Hall - 270-726-5000Occupational Tax - 270-726-5002Accounts Payable - 270-726-5004Water Billing Department - 270-726-5006City Clerk Office - 270-726-5007Building & Zoning - 270-726-5022Utility Director - 270-726-5042Property Tax Office - 270-726-5057Code Enforcement - 270-726-5059, Fire Department - 270-726-5020Information Technology - 270-726-5024Water Distribution - 270-726-5025Inflow & Infiltration - 270-726-5027Street Department - 270-726-5030Service Center - 270-726-5032Parks & Recreation - 270-726-5033Cemetery - 270-726-5036Wastewater Plant - 270-726-5037Carpenter Center - 270-726-5052Police Department - 270-726-7669, Pennyrile Rural Electric-Pay Electric Bill, II. 6 0 obj p00D\@ VV5qeDw ('C#fN a`% 2rd Ordinance - Occupational License Tax. D. Basis on which this return is prepared: Cash Accrual . DBO%7AKYJkF(HJ4AftN"+DG_(Bm+3$F^]);+E1b0FDbZ1F(f9,/0JABF)PQ&@4%DCco?DfTf8Eaa'( /FirstChar 30 520 (Please Review Instruction Sheet Before Completion) LICENSE FEE RETURN BUSINESS NAME CALENDAR OR FISCAL YEAR ENDED FIN-04 (Net Profits License Fee Return) Download pdf. Also, the minimum Occupational License Fee due on Net Profit will change from $47 to $75. /Flags 32 Application for Business License. Please Click Here to download Acrobat Reader. <> IMPORTANT! Mail this form along with supporting schedules to powell County Fiscal Court, PO Box 506, Stanton KY 40380 This return must be mailed and paid in full by the fifteenth day of the fourth month after the close of the fiscal/calender year, unless an extension of time has been granted. SCENIC McCREARY COUNTY KENTUCKY: COUNTY GOVERNMENT: ELECTED OFFICIALS: COUNTY DEPARTMENTS: COMMUNITY .

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