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  • Weekly Social Hour



    Social Hour - Every Thursday at 5 PM - Bring your own refreshments.  



  • Weekly Card Games



    Bridge - Every Tuesday at 1 PM -  Call Jean Carr 516.868.8871
    Canasta - Every Monday at 1 PM - Call Dot Moses 203.984.0750
    Mahjong - Every Thursday at 1 PM - Call Dot Moses 203.984.0750

  • Ladies Luncheon

    There is a monthly Ladies Luncheon at an area restaurant, theater or other venue. Check back here for details or in the monthly newsletter.  You can also call Dot Moses at 203-984-0750 for more information. There is also a signup sheet in the clubhouse.

  • Water Aerobics

    Every Monday at 9 AM Weather Permitting

    Water aerobics is a variation of group fitness practiced in shoulder-deep water. In a typical class, participants will run through traditional aerobics exercises, calisthenics and motions that are only feasible while partially submerged. A typical class will last between 40 and 60 minutes.  


    Water aerobics provides cardiovascular burn and light resistance workout.  The buoyancy of the water supports a portion of your weight, reducing the load on your joints as you move. The resistance of the water prevents any of your joints from moving too quickly, which can prevent mild hyperextension and repetitive-stress injuries and protects joints.


    Falling is a major concern for many seniors, owing to a combination of reduced balance and growing fragility of bones. This can make many exercise options too risky. In the water, your natural buoyancy helps to keep you upright. Even if you do lose your balance completely, you will splash gently into the liquid rather than falling to the floor.

    Please note that there is no class if the temperature is below 70 degrees.